• Cristina Stuart Speak for yourself  (Med Soft cover)

Used book in good condition (2000)

Do you feel self-conscious when asked to give a talk or make a presentation? Do you find it difficult to express yourself clearly at the office or during an interview? Have you ever suffered from a pounding heart, dry mouth or blank mind? Speak for Yourself is for everyone who has to speak in public, whether you are a novice or an experienced speaker. It is packed with proven strategies and reassuring advice that will help you to convey your message with maximum impact and effect. Cristina Stuart, Britain's leading trainer of communication skills, shows you how to: * Give successful talks, presentations and speeches * Speak with assurance at meetings and interviews * Present your ideas in an articulate and fluent style * Be persuasive and convincing when talking to others * Capture and hold listeners' attention * Control your nerves and build your confidence * Use humour effectively * Address large audiences with increased professionalism * Face the media with confidence

Cristina Stuart Speak for yourself (Med Soft cover)

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