• Anne Herries Outlaw in the Tudor Court (Med soft cover )

Used book in  good condition   (2014)

RANSOM BRIDE Once a galley slave, now a Venetian merchant prince, Lorenzo Santorini has sworn revenge on his captor and has no time for women. English beauty Kathryn Rowlands appeals for help infinding a friend lost to pirates and then Lorenzo struggles to maintain his cool detachment. For Kathryn stirs deep feelings he had long forgotten and now he must take drastic steps to protecther from his sworn enemy...

THE PIRATE'S WILLING CAPTIVE Held captive on the high seas by pirate Captain Justin Sylvester, with nowhere to run, Maribel Sanchez had never felt more at liberty. For if she returned to rigid Tudor society she'd become an old man's unwilling bride. If she remained with Justin, he'd made it abundantly clear, she would become his more than willing mistress!

Anne Herries Outlaw in the Tudor Court (Med soft cover )

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